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We are the Hammond Neighbours Group. We formed in June of 2012 with the intention of making friends, doing fun projects and connecting people in the Hammond neighbourhood of Maple Ridge.

We are interested in: heritage, kids, community safety, events, gardening, neighbourhood beautification, development, and lots of other stuff.

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As you know, Hammond is a unique and beautiful place to live. You may also have heard that heritage groups and the District of Maple Ridge are preparing to focus on Hammond’s rich history and future role.

Recently, a group of Hammond residents got excited and inspired by a new way of creating community and bringing neighbours together through a Parks & Leisure Services workshop led by Jim Diers.

We have many ideas, but the first step is to talk to other residents and start conversations around what skills, assets, and areas of potential growth exist in Hammond. Interests so far include heritage preservation, neighbourhood beautification projects, developing the Hammond Community Centre into a central neighbourhood hub, gardening, community safety, sports & arts.

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  1. Hi Hammond Neighbours,
    Just noticed if I click on comments in left sidebar, the facebook site requires me to log in to view them. I prefer to not be signed up to facebook. I have friends with facebook sites I view occasionally and they do not require a log in to view. Is it necessary to keep the facebook site private or could be be opened up so folks like myself can read postings without having to succumb to facebook membership?


    • Hi Rory. I totally understand that you don’t want to have a Facebook account. (I wish I had the luxury of abstaining.) 🙂 Our Facebook group is set to be as open as possible, but I know that full group posts and conversations can only be displayed to people who are logged in to Facebook. I think that when you have seen Facebook content without logging into Facebook, you are looking at a Facebook “page” rather than a Facebook “group”. (Facebook pages can be displayed without logging in, but they don’t have as much functionality as Facebook groups.) I wish I could help with this. In all honestly, I’m already doing a bit of dodgy stuff to be able to even show the Facebook group post summaries on our website. Sorry!

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