Sep 282012

Folks who live in Hammond are accustomed (if grudgingly) to the frequent train whistles. We may complain, but the whistles are there for a good reason – to prevent tragedies.

On the right is Bobby and Margaret Rock (nee Erickson), taken in the early 1950s. On July 10, 1954 they were killed by a passenger train on the Lorne Road crossing in Hammond. They were 23 years old. (The other couple is Doug and Rose Airth on their wedding day.)

The Rocks were survived by their three children: Robert, who was turning four the following September; Trudy, turning three in October; and Treva, who had turned one on the previous fourth of July.

Treva recently posted the above photo on Facebook. Many people came forward with their memories of the couple, which were very much appreciated by Treva. Some commented on Treva’s resemblance to her Mom and Dad, and also to her grandmother who raised her after she lost her parents.

In the face of such a tragedy, it’s easy to stop complaining about the train whistles.


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Jul 102012

At the Hammond Neighbourhood Party, we put up a bunch of posters and asked people to write down their ideas for the neighbourhood. I’ve created a page for each individual board.

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