Aug 282012

On August 24 and 25, a bunch of Hammond residents, members of the Katzie nation and folks from the District of Maple Ridge got together to clean up an overgrown  empty lot on the corner of 118th & 203rd. Lo and behold, on August 23, the municipality sent out a backhoe and a dump-truck and cleaned up the empty lot for us! We were able to put all our efforts into clearing the overgrown brush in the adjacent Katzie cemetery.

I’ve long been curious about the Katzie cemetery, and was honoured to have the opportunity to go inside. It’s a lovely, peaceful enclave, protected from traffic noise on 203rd by a tall cedar hedge. While the cemetery has a great deal of historical significance, it is still in use. I talked to people who had generations of relatives buried there.

With the empty lot now clear, it’s possible to enjoy the view of the cemetery. We hope to work with the Katzie and the municipality to install some kind of landscaping and benches.

Nothing brings a community together like a work project, and nothing is as satisfying as looking at the results of a job well done.

Thanks to the Wok Box for the free lunch coupons!

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  1. Spending the day working alongside Katzie Band members including Ed Pierre and Willie Pierre was very educational, it is amazing what we do not know. It was a good day to listen. I am thankful and very honoured that they trusted and allowed us into their sacred space and I am hopeful that this will be the beginning of a lasting friendship. It is no longer “us” and “them” it is “we”.

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