Hammond 130 Party Plan Ideas


We’ve had a bunch of ideas regarding activities we could have at the Hammond 130 party. The following list is preliminary – some ideas might get dropped and others might get added. If you have an idea for an activity, or just want to help out, please volunteer and make it happen! Send an email to admin@hammondneighbours.ca.

Event Details

Date: August 17, 12-4 PM

Location: Hammond Community Centre and adjacent field (pending reconstruction of field)

Theme: “What’s Your Hammond Story?”


  • fence art project: provide blocks of wood and painting supplies; people can decorate the blocks and we will zap-strap them to the chain-link fence around the pool
  • free swim
  • Parks and Leisure reps will provide kid activities
  • bike parade
  • face painting
  • balloon animals

Historical / Sharing Stories

  • Katzie historical presentation
  • Heritage Walking Tour (possibly before, starting at 10 AM)
  • Mill Tour (possibly before, starting at 10 AM)
  • Historical Places: posters with pictures of Hammond places. Post-it notes available so that people can tell their story about the places; historical street names list
  • Videos: show videos of recorded interviews with Hammond residents talking about Hammond history
    • have video-recording capabilities so people can tell their stories
  • Historical society story-telling
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