Aug 282012

We ate – get this – a DOZEN watermelon at the Hammond Neighours BBQ last Sunday. Do you have any idea how much watermelon that is? It’s this much:

One 13 year old boy (who shall remain nameless) discovered, after being a strong contender in two watermelon-eating contests, that eating large amounts of watermelon produced flatulence-generating after-affects. Who knew? His family must be so proud.

There was also neighbourly hanging-out and getting-to-know-each-other, burgers and hot dogs and salads (and, yes, watermelon), a giant tug-of-war (Charlotte – who is tougher than she looks – was the winning team’s ringer), water balloon fights, a little live music and general good times.

Many thanks to Thrifty Foods, our generous sponsors, who provided all the food (and who also sponsored the free swim last month at the Hammond Neighbours Party). They are terrifically supportive of the Hammond community, and we very much appreciate it.

We are also grateful to Dave Speers, our Neighbourhood Development Coordinator with Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Parks & Leisure Services, and Natasha and Victoria from Parks & Leisure’s Children’s Services department.

Many thanks also to the 80+ members of the Hammond neighbourhood who came out to share the fun.

Check out the pictures below, and also see Alex Pope’s Flickr gallery and Susan Barker’s Facebook gallery.

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