Sep 222012

We had a “Hammond Neighbours” table at the big GETIFest event today at the Memorial Peace Park. Cyndy re-purposed the historical display she made for the Hammond Neighbours Party in July and also made a display about current and recent Hammond Neighbours projects.

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The display was fantastic – people raved! Many, many people spent a long time looking over the photos and descriptions of the heritage houses and snippets of Hammond history. (Cyndy herself was over at the Hammond Community Centre painting the pool-house, so she didn’t get to hear all the compliments first-hand.)

Objective estimates (they actually have “counters” of some sort at the Farmers’ Market) put the number of attendees at around 3000. I talked to people steadily all day – it was very fun talking to old and new Hammond residents, and people who have new interest in our neighbourhood since they’ve been reading about our activities in the local newspapers. I especially liked talking to a number of elderly people who now live in downtown Maple Ridge but previously lived in Hammond and have fond memories of their houses and neighbours and gardens. They were very pleased to see current residents taking an interest in preserving the neighbourhood they know and love very much.

Many people told me that we (Hammond folks) are lucky to live in such a special place. How can I not agree?

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