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Port Hammond was registered as a townsite in 1883. Sometime between then and now, the “Port” prefix was lost and it is now simply referred to as “Hammond”.

The area was originally called Port Hammond because the town was at one time “the westward terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway during its construction, prior to its extension westward to Burrard Inlet. The brothers Hammond had struck a deal with the CPR, trading land for track right-of-way, station and yards on the condition that their townsite be the location of the first station in Maple Ridge.It was also known as “Hammond’s Landing”, as it served as the steamship and mail port for all CPR shipping from New Westminster and Victoria and the brothers had ambitions of it becoming a major deep-water port.

Unfortunately, the brothers’ ambitions were not realized – in addition to the terminus for the CPR moving to Vancouver, the port moved to New Westminster. Over the years, the “Port” prefix was dropped and the area is now simply known as “Hammond”.

— Update —

The post office was always Port Hammond from the day it opened until the day it closed.

– Val Patenaude, via Facebook

— Update —

“For all you history buffs, the ‘port’ in Port Hammond was the landing at river’s edge of Hazelwood Street – on the ‘wrong’ side of the tracks.”

– Sandy Macdougall, via Facebook



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