Hammond School


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“The original part of the structure was a two room structure that has been enlarged with several later additions. As now constituted, the main part of the school features a central entry with a high gabled porch supported on heavy columns, with decorative brackets and an open timber gable screen. Originally there were open verandahs at each end of the school, since removed. Banks of tall double hung windows, four panes over four, provided natural light to the classrooms. A detailed landscape plan was prepared for the original school, including a tennis court, perennial borders, a garden, and barberry bushes to hide the wood shed and the outhouse; this elaborate plan was unfortunately never executed.”

– from The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge

“In August, 1899, trustees Callaghan, Sharpe and Lazenby met to choose a site for the Hammond School. A public meeting was called to make the decision between John Hammond’s property or Harris’ Hill. The former was approved by a vote of twenty-five to fifteen.

“Peter McTavish, formerly of South Lillooet School was appointed teacher. The trustees bought cordwood, a new broom, a saw and an axe and opened the school in rented premises for five months. By then the school population had grown to forty and the trustees asked the government to increase the salary grant. The request was refused. Five years later the annual meeting agreed to levy a local assessment so the teacher received his increase and the grounds were improved.

“When a replacement school was needed the earlier dispute on site was reopened. The people of Pitt Meadows felt it was too far from their homes. When the original site was again approved and the school rebuilt in 1912, the Pitt Meadows people set up their own board in 1913 and shortly after that became a separate municipality. Their high school students were allowed to attend the Maple Ridge School on payment of a fee by the municipality, which kept close watch on their attendance. (In 1933 this fee was forty dollars per student for Grade 12, or thirty-five dollars if the Pitt Meadows students attended grades 8 through 12). The formation of School District #42 in 1946 once again brought the two areas together for school purposes.

“August of 1999, was the 100th Anniversary of a school on the site of the present building. The staff had a major school-wide theme for the spring of 1999 to focus on Hammond’s Heritage – the community and the school. Depending on what information is read, the main core of the school was 85 to 87 years old in 1999.

“The new school building was opened in the fall of 2000 and continues to serve the community to the present day.”

– from the Hammond Elementary School website

Hammond School Class of 1909


Hammond School Class of 1909

Hammond School 1934

1934 Doris Jonsson and brother Agne on their property next door to the school

1934 The Jonssons in front of the school

Hammond School Class Photos 1944 – 1946

Hammond Elementary grade 1, 1944 (Larry Walker’s class) (photo courtesy Heather Walker)

Hammond Elementary grade 2, 1945, Larry’s class (Miss McIver) (Photo courtesy Heather Walker)

There is a “Mrs. Gwen McIver” listed on the photo of the Hammond Golf Ladies. Miss McIver’s mother?

Hammond Elementary grade 3, 1946 (photo courtesy Heather Walker)

“I recognize Miss Morrison the teacher from the Morrison Family in Hammond who were friends of my dad’s Chuck Pearsall for years when he first came to Hammond….. recognize a few of the students as well Helen Damer, Judy Davis,June Smith, Wesley Wiseman, Sandra Ritchie. to name a few………”

“Alice Tippe(nee Brecht), Bobby Rowell, Jack Fournier, Chiefer Cunningham. also Billy Rowell”

– Heather Pearsall Mattila, via Facebook


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  1. I believe there was an earlier school which operated in a private residence on Battle Street.

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