11245 Dartford Street


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This image sparked a fun conversation on our Facebook group:

Leah Schell: In the 70s/80s this was a hair salon. I remember the owner/operator’s first name was Debbie, and I think it was called “Hair Design”(or something simple like that).

Lynda Russell: We were told that someone ran a hair salon in our house too??!!

Leah Schell: Before that it was known as “The neighbourhood house” and we Dartford St. kids played there!

Lara Cooley: ‎Leah, I wonder if we used to play together before meeting up at MRSS. I went to MRE because I was on the other side of 207th, but spent a lot of time running around Hammond (moved out of Hammond in grade 6)

Sandy Macdougall: The community association operated a store front centre there in the mid=1970s.

Leah Schell: I was wondering the same thing!? My childhood home was on the corner of Dartford and 113th. My friend Devan’s parent’s owned the Maple Cresent Restaurant at the bottom off Dartford St. on Maple Cresent across from the mill. So, much of my childhood was spent flying by the Hatchery Pub, Ingall’s Barbershop, visiting the seniors at Maple Crescent Lodge, Oma Page in the old telegraph house turned her home, playing at Mr.Meyer’s duckpond, and so many wonderful merries more! Does any of that ring a bell to you????

Lara Cooley: The duck pond, I used to get in so much trouble for heading there. I used to walk our dog (black minature poodle) all over the golf course side of Hammond, along Lorne between our house and the park (I lived next to the course), Dartford and Maple Cres were my usual haunts. I would be all over the same area on my bike too. My best friends were on Wharf St and another school friend was in the apts next to the park.

Leah Schell: Oh wow! How did our paths not cross, I wonder? Mr. Meyer used to feed the roving urchins of Hammond popsicles while we’d watch him fix lawnmowers. He was so kind and patient when we’d hang out down by his duckpond!

Lara Cooley: I also spent a lot of time in Alf’s… learnt to tell time there.

Leah Schell: Hammond Jewellers! Mrs.Killerich(sp??) pierced my ears at their home, haha

Lara Cooley: And I had my ears pierced at Debbie’s (ie: photo above), lol.

Leah Schell: I remember Debbie! That amazing blonde 80’s hair!

Lara Cooley: Conversations are helping the memory recall… I think Debbie got this place in the early 80s (1981 or ’82 perhaps?), and I know she still had it in 1990 because I used to drive myself there, she got married and moved to Abbotsford soon after.

Leah Schell: Yes, I seem to recall that myself, as I moved away in ’91


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