11406 205 Street (Carl Whitehead House #2)


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205th Street was formerly known as Waugh Street.

“C.K. Olson bought this corner lot in 1922, and built this charming Craftsman bungalow the following year. Olson was one of the Swedish carpenters who worked at the mill, and it is assumed that he built the house for himself. It was later home to the Whitehead Family.

“The house is distinguished by its tapered front porch piers and columns. The window transom panels throughout have stained art glass panels. There is a square projecting bay to the south, and an early garage at the front property line. Triangular brackets highlight the cave line, and paired dentil blocks are used in a decorative frieze above the porch.”

– from The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge

“C.K. Olson was my dad, Carl Whitehead, and he bought 11414 205 Street earlier and built 11406 205 Street on the same property in 1923 with the help of Finnish friends. He copied the style of a house a Finnish family in Webster’s Corners owned. Carl was Finnish and not Swedish as claimed in the write up. Carl worked at the Hammond Cedar Mill as a sawyer for many years. He was not a carpenter by trade but continued to build 3 more houses on his property which became rental houses. Carl’s first wife died December 7, 1933. Carl married Anna a few years later and my brother Jim and I had the privilege of growing up in this wonderful home. I can provide more details if you have any questions. I would just like to see corrections made to the Maple Ridge Heritage homes registry that more accurately reflect on my hard working father’s life.”

– from Julie Koehn

“Most of the rental houses still stand, some altered significantly, along 114th Ave.”

– from James Rowley

“11406 – 205th Street c. 1940’s – apparently these were some neighbours who stopped by to have their picture taken!”

– from James Rowley

sketch by Dale Sharp, 1987

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