11414 205 Street (Carl Whitehead House #1)


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205 Street was formerly known as Waugh Street.

“This small cottage is on the same lot as the Olson Residence, and may have been built by C.K. Olson at the same time as the main house. Rectangular in plan, it features a small front entry porch. Despite its size, the house exhibits sophisticated detailing, including multi-paned upper sash in the front windows, and a stained glass panel at north side with an etched unicorn inset. The long side of the cottage sits beside the alley frontage of this large lot, and there is a large mature Mountain Ash in the front yard.”

– from The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge

“My father, Carl Whitehead, was known as C.K. Olson when he first immigrated to Canada at the age of 18. The immigration officials saw his father’s name was Ollie Walkeapaa and gave him the name of Olson (Ollie’s son) instead of Walkeapaa. The write ups give the impression that they are two different people when in fact the two names belong to one person. Carl worked in Powell River on the pulp mill there before moving to Chase and working there for 8 years. Carl married a Finnish widow, Lempi, who had two daughters, Ethel and Ellen, from her first marriage. Carl moved the family to Hammond and started to work at the Hammond Cedar Mill. He purchased a small house and property from a Swedish bachelor whose last name was Dahlberg. Mr Dahlberg made wooden benches and fern stands and I have some samples of his work. Carl rented a box car and brought a second hand dining set from owners of an ice cream parlour in Chase. Beds and 2 cows also came to Hammond in that box car. Carl had a small farm on the property which he purchased April 18, 1922. He built a larger home on the same property just south of the original home in 1923 (now 11406 – 205th Street). He officially changed his name to Carl Whitehead which was a translation of his Finnish name.”

– from Julie Koehn, daughter of Carl Whitehead (aka. C.K.Olsen)

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