20617 Maple Crescent (Bank of Hamilton)


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1919 “The first bank in Hammond was the Bank of Hamilton, which opened in 1908. After the business district fire in 1916, the bank operated out of a private residence until this impressive new fireproof bank was built on Maple Crescent, at an assessed value of $6,000. The Bank of Hamilton amalgamated with the Bank of Commerce in 1924. During the Depression, the banks faced hard times, and in a ‘saw-off’ agreement in 1934 the Hammond branch became the Bank of Montreal. After one year in operation, it ceased operation and did not reopen until 1948; in the intervening years this building was used as a private residence. The Bank of Montreal then operated the bank from 1948 until 1992. The building has been adapted for retail uses, and has been very well preserved.”

– from The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge

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