Miscellaneous Historical Photos


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The Coquitlam Times, July 19, 1917

Transcription (as best as I can manage):

“Mr. J. M. Dale is building a fine new store to replace the one he lost by fire last fall.

“On Saturday afternoon the Ladies’ Aid of the Presbyterian Church held a very successful sale of candy and home cooking on Mrs. ??? Allison’s lawn.

“Mr. and Mrs. Holthy (?) and family left Tuesday evening for a two or three weeks’ trip to Armstrong, B.C.

“Mr. Ogle (?) and family motored over to White Rock on Sunday in their new auto.

“Miss Maggie ???, chief operator at the telephone office, has returned from Bowen Island, where she has been spending the last two weeks.

“This year has been a very prosperous year for the growers of small fruit in this vicinity. Just twice as much fruit has been shipped this year than last year. From five to six hundred crates of fruit came daily through the hands of the local agent.”

Hammond Ladies Golf Club, 1927

The female “movers & shakers” of Hammond in 1927 – members of the Hammond Ladies Golf Club. Back row from left, Mrs. J Laurie, Mrs. W Baillie, ? , Mrs. Doan Hartnell, Mrs. Esmond-White. Middle row, Mrs. William Storey, Mrs. Robert Ross, Mrs. Bamsey, Mrs. Burnet, Maidie Broe, Mrs. Graham Lambert, Mrs. George Peacock. Front row, Mrs. M Evan, Gladys Custer, Olga Dubb, ? , Mrs. Molly Buckerfield, Mrs. Gwen McIver, and Mrs. Eadie Rayner. [P228]

– I just noticed that there is a “Miss McIver” listed as a teacher on the Hammond School page. This is perhaps her mother?

F.G. Bonn in a Model T at the Finney Farm


“I believe Joe Finney continued to drive that old Ford or another just like it until sometime in the early 1950s. I think he even ran into a telephone pole while negotiating the curve from Maple Crescent onto 2nd Avenue (207th) right in front of the Hartnell house. When I was a wee brat, Joe’s dad, Andy Finney, drove truck for the city of Port Coquitlam.”

– Sandy Macdougall, via Facebook

“F.G. Bonn (Fred) was an electrician at the Hammond mill. He lived on Westfield Street. His daughter Ida married Ivan (Swede) Williamson.”

– Sandy Macdougall, via Facebook


Fire Hall, early 1950s

photo courtesy Robert Gustafson

Safety Committee 1952

photo courtesy Robert Gustafson

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  1. So interesting!
    (Note: The paper’s date is 1917, but the title above the pic is 1979…)

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