Jul 262012

At the Hammond Neighbourhood Party, we had a sign-up sheet where people could enter a prize draw and optionally join our mailing list and indicate their area of interest. 38 people filled out the form. I’ve summarized the statistics regarding areas of interest below – keep in mind, though, that the people who filled out the form are a small percentage of the people who attended the party, and that multiple members of the same family were allowed to enter the prize draw, and that people who filled out the form didn’t need to be Hammond residents, and that generally this was a harum-scarum poll with no aspirations for statistical accuracy.

That being said, the areas of interest were:

  • Gardening: 15
  • Community Safety: 12
  • Heritage Preservation: 7
  • Arts & Crafts:  10
  • Outdoor Activities: 11
  • Family Activities: 10
  • Neighbourhood Beautification: 13


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