Feb 152013

Birthday CakeThe game is afoot! The hounds are unleashed! The coffee is percolating!

The planning has begun for Hammond’s 130th Birthday. The notes from Monday’s meeting are below. Please jump in with ideas, suggestions, and offers to volunteer!

When / Where

  • Hammond Community Centre
  • August 10 or 17 (depending on when the Park’s and Rec department does their annual shut-down)


  • Re-imagine Hammond
  • What’s Your Hammond Story? (the favourite)
  • What’s Your Hammond Connection?


Displays set up in the community centre:

  • Hammond Heritage
  • Hammond Hometown Heroes: (Larry Walker, Norm Grohman, other famous Hammondites)
  • …other groups?


These were the ideas we came up with during our brain-storming session. They’re just ideas – some will get dropped, and we’d love to add other ideas. We’ll also be talking to our Student Representatives to get their ideas.

  • Movies in the Park
  • Family Dance
  • Parks & Leisure activities (like at the party last summer)
  • Participaction (the federal program)
  • Free / sponsored swim
  • Talent show
  • Parade (decorated bikes, etc)
  • Historical walking tour (maybe also garden tour? house interior tours?)
  • Katzie cultural presentation
  • Face painting / balloon animals
  • Hammond Mill tour
  • Kid’s corner with lots of toy trains
  • Living history displays: videos showing living history interviews with Hammond Residents
  • Community-painted “wish-list” facades on plywood in commercial area of Hammond
  • Car show / shine, teenager car show / shine
  • Trunk sale
  • Basketball / ball hockey
  • Watergun fight
  • Painting blocks for the pool fence
  • Live music
  • Karaoke


  • We are approaching the Katzie people with hopes that they will participate
  • The Historical Society and Heritage Commission will work with us on historical displays, info, etc
  • Pathfinders: the local Hammond troupe has volunteered to help


These are ideas. We have to approach these groups to see if they are interested.

  • Kiwanis / Rotary concession
  • Katzie salmon BBQ
  • Watermelon eating contest


  • We have applied for a $300 Festival grant from the municipality
  • We have some fundraising ideas: pub night, 50/50 draws at the Maple Ridge Flames hockey games
  • We will talk to local businesses and ask for sponsorship
  • We may be able to partner with the Historical Society (so that we can provide charitable donation receipts to sponsors)
  • We have to put together some paperwork for sponsors before we can approach them
photo by: Will Clayton
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Feb 112013

Birthday CakeWe’re having a meeting on February 12 at 7 PM at the Hammond Community Centre to discuss, plan, strategize, image, vision, actualize, facilitate, incentivize, incubate, conceptualize, synergize, architect and leverage existing best-of-breed collaborative intermandated human capital channels for …

Hammond’s 130th Birthday Party!

… that will be held in August 2013.

Sorry for the short notice (although Leanne has already announced it via the Hammond Neighbours Facebook group).

photo by: Will Clayton
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Jan 252013

Now House PresentationOn February 5th at 6:30pm at the Maple Ridge Council Chambers, Lorraine Gauthier of the Now House Project (http://www.nowhouseproject.com/) will make a presentation about communities working together to help local residents reduce their heating costs and help the environment by energy-retrofitting older homes. By banding together, residents can purchase materials, labour and project management expertise in bulk at reduced rates.

The event is free and everyone is welcome. Check out the press release for more information.

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Jan 092013

How much do you spend to heat your house and heat your water? Imagine your heating costs averaged out to zero and your home stayed a uniform, comfortable temperature all year long. That’s Leanne and my dream for our upcoming home renovation, but it’s exhausting to try to do this on your own.

A few weeks ago I (James Rowley) went to a lecture at SFU that blew me away. Lorraine Gauthier of The Now House Project described how they retro-fitted one house north of Toronto, then five houses in Windsor, then 95 more houses in Windsor so that the houses produced more energy than they consumed over the course of the year. With each renovation they refined their technique and lowered costs. They identified two barriers stopping everyone from doing this: cost and local expertise.

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Nov 102012

We’re having a meeting of the Hammond Neighbours at the Hammond Community Centre at 6 PM on Monday Nov 12. We’ll be talking about the proposed Hammond Community Plan, youth representatives in the Hammond Neighbours group, and other recent stuff. Val Patenaude of the Maple Ridge Historical Society will be there as well, so we’ll be able to talk to an expert regarding Hammond history.

Unlike previous meetings, this meeting will not be pot-luck, so don’t feel obligated to bring anything.

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Nov 052012

Anyone who drops by the Hammond Community Centre this week or next will notice lots of activity. Landscaping folks from the municipality are working on the gardens, digging out the gnarly old roots and prepping and re-planting the beds.

Cyndy, who has spear-headed the whole community centre project, drew up a “wish list” of things we’d like: new light standards, soil and bark mulch, etc. We had planned to do the gardening work ourselves, but were happily surprised to find that the Parks and Leisure department has jumped right in. We’ll still be donating some plants, but the landscaping folks will be providing the bulk of the plants and labour and have drawn up a great-looking garden plan. They have also extended the paving to make the doors to the main hall easier to access, and will be adding turf to widen the walk-way between the pool and the community centre.

Thanks again to Dave Speers, our contact guy at Parks and Leisure who helps make all this stuff happen. He’ll also be helping us with the next stage of the project, which will include more painting, some new signage, etc.

And huge thanks again to the indefatigable Cyndy – holy smokes, does that woman get stuff done or what?

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Oct 022012

Last night the Hammond Neighbours Ad-Hoc Self-Appointed Disorganized Organized Committee (HNAHSADOC) got together for a potluck dinner and chat about recent and upcoming events. Dinner featured left-over pop, chips and candy from the July party, big bowls of popcorn, and, yes, some actual real nutritious food. (We feel it’s important to set an example regarding good nutrition.)

Most of the usual suspects were in attendance, plus a couple of new faces. Dave Speers, our handy-dandy municipal liaison and go-to guy was there, as was Tony Cotroneo, Recreation Manager Youth & Neighbourhood Services. Here’s what we talked about:

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Oct 012012

Hammond Elementary School is getting a new playground for the younger kids. This will be separate from the existing playground, and will include all natural materials like boulders, trees, bushes, sand, wooden train tracks, hopping stones, totems, bird houses, sunflowers, blueberry bushes, planter gardens. Much more fun than grass.

If you have some landscaping material lying around, please consider donating it to the Primary Play Area. I’ve heard they need “everything” but especially large boulders.

Update: here’s the concept plan and the materials list. HAMMOND Prelliminary costing

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Sep 282012

Folks who live in Hammond are accustomed (if grudgingly) to the frequent train whistles. We may complain, but the whistles are there for a good reason – to prevent tragedies.

On the right is Bobby and Margaret Rock (nee Erickson), taken in the early 1950s. On July 10, 1954 they were killed by a passenger train on the Lorne Road crossing in Hammond. They were 23 years old. (The other couple is Doug and Rose Airth on their wedding day.)

The Rocks were survived by their three children: Robert, who was turning four the following September; Trudy, turning three in October; and Treva, who had turned one on the previous fourth of July.

Treva recently posted the above photo on Facebook. Many people came forward with their memories of the couple, which were very much appreciated by Treva. Some commented on Treva’s resemblance to her Mom and Dad, and also to her grandmother who raised her after she lost her parents.

In the face of such a tragedy, it’s easy to stop complaining about the train whistles.


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Sep 252012

Time for the Hammond Neighbours De-Facto Self-Appointed Disorganized Organizing Committee to have a yak. (You too can be a member of the HNDFSADOC – simply show up!) Friends, interested parties, kids, dogs, and anyone looking for a free meal are also invited. (Well, not dogs – they are *all* looking for a free meal and tend to hog the swedish meatballs.)

Monday October 1, 7 PM, at the Hammond Community Centre.

Some topics of conversation:

  • the Pool House Painting project
  • ideas for fall activities, projects, get-togethers, etc
  • becoming a formal organization that can apply for grants, accept donations, enter into contracts, etc.
  • anything else people want to talk about

Please bring a dish with enough food to serve 4 – 5 people. (If you’re in a pinch, don’t worry about it – there’s always way too much food at these things.) If your dish contains seafood, nuts or other common allergens, please label it accordingly.

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