Jul 242012

Last might we had a pot-luck dinner and meeting at the Hammond Community Centre. Nothing feels more old-school and neighbourly than a pot-luck dinner at a community centre. Here’s what we talked about:

  • Becoming an official association: We’ve been wondering whether or not we should register as an official non-profit. This might give us some advantages regarding fund-raising and working with the municipality, but would also require some formalities and paperwork. We’ve decided that for now we really like the informality and simplicity of what we’re doing, so we’re not going to pursue this until we have an actual need to do so.
  • Dave Speers: Dave Speers is the Recreation Coordinator for Neighbourhood Development with M.R Parks and Leisure. He gave us some background and advice regarding becoming an official organization, talked about what other neighbourhood groups in Maple Ridge are up to, promised to update municipality staff about several of our items (so we can learn how to work with the municipality), and talked about availability of the Hammond stadium.
  • Car Trunk Sale: Dave gave us information about when the Hammond Community Centre parking lot would be available, so we can move ahead with planning our Car Trunk Sale. Expect an announcement soon. Here it is!
  • August BBQ: We talked about the BBQ we are planning to have in August. Expect an announcement and call for volunteers soon.
  • Painting the Pool House: Dave advised us about how we should present our idea to the Facilities department at the municipality. (That Dave is one helpful guy!) We have some research to do and will write up our proposal and then … expect an announcement and call for volunteers!
  • Website: I got lots of ideas about how to improve this website. Ideas always welcome! Feel free to add your in the comments (scroll down to the bottom of this page for the comment form).
    • let people post their Garage Sale dates
    • post the baseball and soccer games that are happening at Hammond Stadium
    • write a blog post about the distinction between “Port Hammond” and “Hammond”; do a poll on Facebook to see what people think
  • Members and engagement:
    • We talked about ways to encourage and engage new members, including connecting with schools and maybe doing a flyer distributed via Canada Post.
    • We talked about how to get more people engaged in doing projects. The handful of us that are currently most active at organizing events and projects can’t do it all. So, to start, I need to rework the “Idea Boards” area of the site and find some easy way to enable online group, project and task management. Then we need people (YOU GUYS) to step up and take on projects.

I apologize that I forgot to mention in the invitation that kids were welcome. Kids are always welcome!

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