Sep 252012

Time for the Hammond Neighbours De-Facto Self-Appointed Disorganized Organizing Committee to have a yak. (You too can be a member of the HNDFSADOC – simply show up!) Friends, interested parties, kids, dogs, and anyone looking for a free meal are also invited. (Well, not dogs – they are *all* looking for a free meal and tend to hog the swedish meatballs.)

Monday October 1, 7 PM, at the Hammond Community Centre.

Some topics of conversation:

  • the Pool House Painting project
  • ideas for fall activities, projects, get-togethers, etc
  • becoming a formal organization that can apply for grants, accept donations, enter into contracts, etc.
  • anything else people want to talk about

Please bring a dish with enough food to serve 4 – 5 people. (If you’re in a pinch, don’t worry about it – there’s always way too much food at these things.) If your dish contains seafood, nuts or other common allergens, please label it accordingly.

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  1. looking forward to pot luck&meeting everyone..

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