Jul 312012

One neat idea that we’ve talked about is creating a tool share. (Does everybody really need to own their own chain-saw? Couldn’t we share a pressure canner?) Another idea we’ve talked about is finding a way to connect people in Hammond who need help with people who can provide help (for example, helping someone put in a vegetable garden, or helping someone who is ill and can’t walk their dog).

Enter “The Freeconomy Community“. This site connects up people who have stuff or skills with people who need stuff or skills. There is no charge to join, and no money changes hands. You help a neighbour, and someday a neighbour will help you.

To get started, just sign up for an account, then fill out your profile where you list your location, contact information and the skills, tools or space that you are willing to share. Once you have an account, you can look at a map and see other people near you and their skills and tools.

I have just signed up, so I have no experience to report. However, I’m pretty excited because the Freeconomy Community site provides the infrastructure we need to enable tool- and skill-sharing in Hammond (which would be a hard technical problem to solve by ourselves in anything other than an ad-hoc manner).

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