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At the Hammond Neighbours Party, people wrote down ideas about what they would like to see in the community – from arts to sports to heritage to safety.

Some of the ideas from the Idea Boards are already underway – check out the “In Progress” section.

Some of the ideas just need people to step up and take them on. Check out the Idea Boards themselves, and also the “Ideas” section.

There’s lots to do. We need your help! For questions and support, just leave a comment or email

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  1. I was born in Hammond in 1933, at home on Melville St. My father was Thomas Henry Rock, and my motherwas Ivy (Parrott) Rock. My father was killed in the Hammond Cedar Mill in 1942.There were 7 children in our family- Tommy, Ivy,Annie,Violet,Jimmy, Bobby, and my-self..Tommy, my oldest brother was killed
    on June 18, 1944 during the invasion of Normandy. My brother Bobby, and his wife Margaret were killed in a train-car accident at the Lorne St railway crossing. My sister Violet Machmer, and I are the only ones
    still living.I graduated from Haney High School in 1952, and U.B.C.(Pharmacy) in 1958.
    Our family home in Hammond no longer exists.
    Larry Walker is my nephew.(His mother was my sister Annie, married to Kenneth Walker.

  2. Just where did you actually acquire the concepts to publish ““Get Involved

    • Hi. At our very first party (July 2012), we put up a bunch of big sheets of paper in the community centre and asked people to write down their comments / ideas / thoughts on various aspects of Hammond. You can look at the original “Idea Boards” sheets. We were hoping that people would “get involved” by taking on specific projects (either from the idea boards or from their own ideas). That hasn’t really happened, so I haven’t kept that section of the website very up-to-date.

      I hope that answers your question!

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