Idea Board: Community Building


This idea board was created at the Hammond Neighbourhood Party. (click to enlarge)


The ideas, transcribed:


  • Creating a “Hammond Directory”, for people who would like to share their contact information with their neighbours We now have a mailing list and a Facebook group. We don’t have a phone list.
  • Residents Association! (jen sez: so, what are we? chopped liver?)
  • BLOCK PARTY (grants available via Parks and Leisure) We used a block party grant for the Hammond Neighbour Party; I think other people could apply for grants for their own party.
  • Buy the Hammond United Church which is up for sale. We will help if you are looking for a partner to bring it about. Andy (number not included for privacy reasons)
  • Hammond Days!
  • Have a non-alcoholic old-time barn dance
  • Neighbours take garbage to the transfer station once a month; use a solar cone for organics so it doesn’t smell; save cash!


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