Idea Board: Community Safety


This idea board was created at the Hammond Neighbourhood Party. (click to enlarge)


The ideas, transcribed:


  • Can we tour the fire station? That’d be awesome!
  • Lorne sidewalk
  • Bring the firetruck for a “Hot Summer Night” event Done! Check out the calendar
  • Block Watch
  • Traffic management! Safer school zones
  • Childfind info and sign-up
  • Bicycle safety workshop and obstacle course for kids
  • Back way into lower Hammond
  • Emergency preparedness workshops for the whole community: earthquake, flooding, etc
  • Report all suspicious activity to the police
  • Neighbourhood walks


  • RCMP non-emergency line: 604-463-6251 – report what you see!
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  4 Responses to “Idea Board: Community Safety”

  1. Hot Summer Nights already planned for Tolmie. To request a visit the website is:

    I send one every year requesting a visit to Tolmie Park, and I don’t know how many other people do the same. If as a community we decide that Hammond Park is a better location or if we’d like to designate a few people to request Tolmie and a few others to request Hammond, I’m sure we can get them to show.

    Coming in years to follow has a lot to do with turn out from previous years and/or number of requests and estimate of attendance. It’s a community education event for them.

    • Cool! I’ve added it to the the event calendar: , and I’ll update this page by putting a strike-through on the item

      The calendar looks pretty crappy at the moment – I’m working on it. 🙂

    • And, by the way – you were the first person to comment on a page on the site! Yay! (That probably makes me happier than it makes you.)

      • LOL, that’s actually good to know. I was curious if I was the first or unable to view comments.

        Now we just have to get more people talking, but the FB group page is busy 🙂

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