Events – Proposed

  1. have a cabaret night

  2. Jane's Walk: have an event on the first week-end of May to celebrate the work of Canadian urbanist Jane Jacobs and explore our community and its potential.

  3. lecture series (museum; invasive species)

  4. Halloween party

  5. Hammond's 130th birthday is 2013

  6. a fellow has volunteered to host a karaoke party

  7. Music nights at the park: Maple Ridge has very few places to hear (or play) live music. We could have an open mic event on the patio of the Hammond Community Centre every Sunday evening or something. Maybe we could get a license to sell beer and wine. People with kids could come and listen to the music while keeping an eye on their kids.

  8. Find "The Grey Fox", with Richard Farnsworth (hard to fine - jen is willing to personally pay for it 'cause she loves it so much)

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