Maple Ridge Official Community Plan (OCP)


Maple Ridge has an Official Community Plan (OCP) that describes the general big-picture plans for the municipality and its various communities. It is a large mission statement, and is intended to be used as a frame of reference when development decisions are made that impact various areas.

Currently the OCP mostly consists of broad goals and a definition of various communities and types of development (commercial areas, single-family housing, high density housing, etc). Only two neighbourhoods are explicitly described in the OCP: Silver Valley and Town Centre.

Eventually Hammond will be defined withing the OCP. If the people of Hammond are prepared when the municipality expands the OCP to include Hammond, we will be able to influence the OCP and thus determine the kind of community we live in.

In order to do this, we need to understand the OCP and understand our own values and goals. By doing that analysis, we will be able to propose the nature of the Hammond community rather than having it imposed upon us.

We need people to get involved in this project by analyzing the OCP, determining what the people who live in the community of Hammond want to happen in the neighbourhood, and mapping the goals of the OCP to the goals of the residents.

  1. Review the Maple Ridge Official Community Plan; highlight areas that are relevant to Hammond's interests

  2. articulate Hammond's desires with regards to the issues noted in the OCP

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