Municipal Transportation Plan


Many Hammond residents say that transportation, transit and street safety are issues of major importance. The municipality of Maple Ridge is currently in the process of updating the Transportation Plan. By getting involved with this process, Hammond Neighbours have a chance to ensure that our needs and concerns are considered.

As of July 29, there is an online survey that people can use to contribute their concerns, priorities and suggestions. (It is not clear when the survey was posted or how long it will be available.) If you care about these issues, you should participate in the survey!

There are other things we can do to influence the transportation plan in Hammond. Add a comment if you would like to participate.

  1. (everyone) participate in the District of Maple Ridge's online survey

  2. (everyone) attend the Haney Farmer's market on September 8 to meet with staff and consultants

  3. Find out from the Transportation Planners at the Sept 8 Farmer's Market how we should collect up and propose our ideas for Hammond. Should we submit a big map that shows the changes we want to see? (Crosswalks, bike routes, stop signs, etc) Is there a formal proposal document we should use a model?

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