Project – Paint the Pool House


Update: it’s on! Come by and help out on Sept 20 and 21.

At the Hammond Party, we had a colouring contest where kids provided design ideas for painting the ugly, grey pool house. Now we’re moving forward with that project.

Want to help with this project? Add a comment to this page that says which of the items on this page you would like to do, or tell us some other way you want to help.

  1. make proposal to MR facilities

  2. put out a call for volunteers

  3. set the date

  4. paint!

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  2 Responses to “Project – Paint the Pool House”

  1. Would love to assist with the painting. I can bring ladders..

  2. Hi Nancy. Actually, Dulux Paints (in the plaza at 207 and Lougheed) have volunteered to provide the paint, the equipment *and professional painters*! Can you believe it? Work will be happening tomorrow (Sept 19) and possibly Friday. Feel free to drop by and lend a hand. (Sorry for my slow response to your comment – I’ve been out of town.)

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