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You can help by writing articles or blog posts, posting photos or updating the website content with recent Facebook activity. Add a comment to this page that says which of the items on this page you would like to do, or tell us some other way you want to help.

  • For each Historical Building, make sure the date from The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge is listed

  • add link to current house from "William Hammond's Headstone" post (when we get a photo and description of current house)

  • copy pictures from The Heritage Resources of Maple Ridge to our Historical Houses section (get permission first)

  • Periodically summarize website and Facebook activity and send it to the mailing list (this needs some kind of periodic reminder - it doesn't really belong here because it is ongoing)

  • We need to mention on the About page that we are informal and unstructured, and that we want people to take on their own projects

  • We should list the games at Hammond Stadium on our event calendar. (sport organization websites are either broken or don't have the kind of info I need - emailing Dave Speers to see if I can get in contact with the person that books the fields)

  • copy images from

  • write an article about the very interesting history of baseball in Hammond; see article on museum site:; also from Sandy Macdougall on Facebook: "Lorne Road Park - the one with the tennis courts, trees and meandering paths - was the site of the best baseball park around until, Hammond Stadium was built. Lots of local baseball histry was written there. Larry Walker Sr. and his father, Ken Walker played ball there, among other great ball players."; also schedule and standings from current teams:

  • Add "Directory" page to site. Include other neighbourhood groups, museum, district, transit, parks and leisure, arts council, library; local schools, guides, daycares, businesses that have sponsored our events,

  • add filming schedule and locations

  • Check out Riverside school and see if there is a newsletter or notice board where we should publicize our events

  • have a walkabout with Sandy Macdougall - write an article about changes in Hammond

  • walkabout with Len Petit for an article

  • article (with Kim Louie's help) regarding the Louie family history in Hammond

  • twitter new photos (interior Hamilton Bank etc)

  • follow up with Heather Pearsall Mattila regarding publishing "Scattered Leaves" on the HN website

  • follow up with relatives of Chinese pioneers on wharf st

  • We should have a page that lists books / publications relevant to Hammond (see blog post on HUB bike trip; Scattered Leaves; etc)

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