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If you have experience with WordPress, CSS, web design, page layout, templates, etc, then you probably know more than me. If you want to learn, I can help you and you can certainly help me. There is LOTS to do to improve this site. 

Want to help? Add a comment to this page that says which of the items on this page you would like to do, or tell us some other way you want to help.

  • galleries not displaying properly on pages (; review colouring contest gallery (from front page and from Image Galleries page)

  • post times are incorrect? pages do not show the date - only the time - that it was posted. Maybe the time and author should be removed?

  • link header img  to front page ("Home") (The issue is that only the foreground image auto-links in the Suffusion theme, but placing the image in the foreground messes up the rest of the header formatting.

  • set up a Google Alert for newspaper articles (can't get Google search  "site:" operator to work; may need to use Yahoo Pipes)

  • nicer layout for thumbnails on pages (such as Hammond School page)

  • when using shortcodes to display ToDo list in page, the title of the category is shown by default. It is identical to the page title so this looks stupid.

  • Need to standardize the way photos are displayed on the History pages (like Hammond School, Miscellaneous, etc) Maybe implement galleries? (But have to fix galleries first.)

  • How can you change the order of ToDo items in a numbered list?

  • Is the ToDo plugin really helping? Given that I've backed out the user management aspect, and the item assignment / status aspect, couldn't this just be done with a regular page? (or do I have to learn templating to make this work the way I want?)

  • Google webmaster tools indicate a few 404s that need to be fixed

  • check for unlinked pages

  • Google webmaster identifies many pages with duplicate title tags (under Optimization)

  • twitter model t ford when more info become available

  • update About page:

  • feedback from review site:

  • design advice:

  • make mobile version:

  • SEO:

  • Register "" and ""

  • Google map of historical houses - need link for 11391 207 St (Smith House)

  • If page and post have same title, you cannot make page- or post-specific urls (ie, http://site/title = both page and post)

  • how to combine pages and posts (categories) on a single menu tab

  • Find a way to publish news from the Maple Ridge Muni site on Municipal News page

  • link sidebar slideshow images to bigger images or album

  • integrate google groups feed into site (currently not obvious how to do that)

  • push posts out to and GETI

  • it would be nice to have a filtered RSS feed from the MR News (Times does not have RSS). I tried using Feed Rinse, but the service didn't seem to work. May need to use Yahoo Pipes.

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