Nov 052012

Anyone who drops by the Hammond Community Centre this week or next will notice lots of activity. Landscaping folks from the municipality are working on the gardens, digging out the gnarly old roots and prepping and re-planting the beds.

Cyndy, who has spear-headed the whole community centre project, drew up a “wish list” of things we’d like: new light standards, soil and bark mulch, etc. We had planned to do the gardening work ourselves, but were happily surprised to find that the Parks and Leisure department has jumped right in. We’ll still be donating some plants, but the landscaping folks will be providing the bulk of the plants and labour and have drawn up a great-looking garden plan. They have also extended the paving to make the doors to the main hall easier to access, and will be adding turf to widen the walk-way between the pool and the community centre.

Thanks again to Dave Speers, our contact guy at Parks and Leisure who helps make all this stuff happen. He’ll also be helping us with the next stage of the project, which will include more painting, some new signage, etc.

And huge thanks again to the indefatigable Cyndy – holy smokes, does that woman get stuff done or what?

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