Feb 262013

Red PrincessWith the loss of the United Church in Hammond, we lost our Spring Plant Sale. I relied on the annual plant sale to stock up on annuals and  often found interesting perennials, along with lots of good advice from the volunteers. As an avowed cheapskate, I loved the “$1 Dahlia” basket. You pays your money and you takes your chances. The plants were always a big surprise – is it a tiny, delicate, spiky-petaled little beauty, or a great big dinner-plate monstrosity?

The West Ridge Good Neighbours group has invited the Hammond folks to their plant swap on April 7. Don’t be shy … pull up some ground covers, divide a hosta, dig up some bulbs and come have some fun! If you don’t have plants to share just now and would like some, bring some cookies or something else garden-related to swap.

photo by: lansakit
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