Feb 262013

Retired ForeverFrom our indefatigable correspondent Leanne Koehn:

“We had a good Wharf Street Park steering committee meeting tonight. Good energy, good ideas, good times. We looked at the survey results from the public meeting last week and guided Bruce and Sylvia toward the next step.

“A common theme (among many) from the surveys was using natural materials. Someone suggested stumps or other large pieces of wood connecting to Hammond Mill. One idea we had was some kind of climbing wall, perhaps incorporated into the retaining wall along the east side of the park. I suggested using artifacts from the history of Hammond as hand-holds or just touchable pieces of living history permanently attached.

“I was assigned the role of sourcing appropriate objects so…does anyone have any old tools or implements–not dangerous ones (no saws, please)–that they’d like to donate to the park? If you look at it and imagine someone telling their grandchild about it, I’d like to hear about it!”


photo by: Rennett Stowe
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